Roddy Fox: African Haiga

South African photographer, Roddy Fox, has been combining his stunning images with haiku published in The Mamba Journal. The combination of artwork with a haiku poem is known as haiga. Traditionally, the art would have comprised a brush painting, though, in modern times the poem might be combined with a photograph or even a video.… Read More Roddy Fox: African Haiga

Echidna Tracks: Issue 6 – Shelter

Echidna Tracks is an independent online collection of Australian haiku. The editors publish two issues per year with each issue addressing a nominated theme. Echidna Tracks welcomes haiku on aspects of Australian landscape, flora and fauna while acknowledging our diversity of lifestyles, values, character, customs, cultures and historical experience. Anyone can submit to Echidna Tracks,… Read More Echidna Tracks: Issue 6 – Shelter