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Blowing Up Balloons (BUB) is also available from the publisher, Red Moon Press, and from online sellers such as Booktopia and Amazon.

In addition, haiku poems from Blowing Up Balloons can be purchased from Monji Tea as part of delightful tea and poetry gift packs.

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Blowing Up Balloons (BUB) by Vanessa Proctor and Gregory Piko uses the imagery and immediacy of haiku to capture the essence of being a parent and grandparent. The baby poems in the collection invite the reader to share the joy of parenthood and to recall the wonder of their own childhood. Blowing Up Balloons is the perfect gift for new mothers and all those who know the gift of parenthood.

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Here are some baby poems from the book:

a frond uncurls newborn fingers

first light

the steady suck of my son

at my breast

summer afternoon

baby and I discover

the beauty of leaves

finger painting . . .

the easel

a work of art

all the kids’ clothes

on the bedroom floor

cherry blossoms

bedtime story

evening packs away

the autumn colours