Review of Blowing Up Balloons by Lyn Reeves (Australia)

Australian poet, Lyn Reeves, has written a review of Blowing Up Balloons by Vanessa Proctor and Gregory Piko which is available on the Australian Haiku Society website. In part, Lyn says:

Blowing up Balloons is, according to its subtitle, intended for parents. In fact, it deserves a wider audience, being the work of two highly proficient and much-acclaimed poets. Those new to writing haiku can learn a lot from studying the way these poems are crafted to achieve impact, creating worlds of meaning with minimum words. It is an elegantly presented collection, easy to hold and to read, with bright primary colours on the cover and delicate, whimsical abstracts of balloons interspersed throughout.

Review by Sandra Simpson (New Zealand)

New Zealand poet, Sandra Simpson, has posted a review of Blowing Up Balloons (BUB) on her site, Breath. Sandra’s site always has items of interest, so head over to Breath, check out the full review of BUB and see what else Sandra has posted about the world of haiku. Among other things, Sandra said of BUB:

Both authors are accomplished, award-winning haiku poets and together have produced a collection that will be hard to beat. Blowing Up Balloons is that rare thing, a book firmly rooted in reality that is nonetheless filled with love and is a joy from beginning to end.

Review by Modern Haiku (USA)

Established in 1969, Modern Haiku is one of the world’s longest running, most well regarded, English-language haiku journals. Volume 48.2 (Summer 2017) of Modern Haiku had this to say about Blowing Up Balloons:

A collection of poems on parenthood by two accomplished haikuists. From the first pangs of pregnancy, through infancy, to early years, the poets find meaning in the smallest of events, as well as in the obviously important ones. We were delighted at the breadth of the poems. This collection would make an excellent gift for anyone who has children or is about to embark on that journey.