AHS Winter Solstice Haiku String

Down here in the Southern Hemisphere, the Australian Haiku Society (AHS) does a great job sharing information about haiku happenings in Australia. Of course, while many haiku writers around the world are currently enjoying mid-summer sunshine, we are in the depths of winter.

To celebrate, the AHS last month sponsored a Winter Solstice Haiku String on their website, providing the opportunity for poets around the world to share haiku about the place they live, or about a place they have visited. You can access the Haiku String here.

For my part, I was looking out the kitchen window onto a chilly solstice morning of around -6 degrees Celsius, when the following words came to me:

monochrome morning
currawongs busy themselves
in the drifting fog

Australian poets, New Zealand poets and colleagues from Northern Hemisphere countries contributed haiku about the many varied places they live. The AHS is planning to invite everyone to do it all again for the Southern Hemisphere Summer Solstice in December.