Lyn Reeves Reviews BUB

Australian poet, Lyn Reeves, has written a review of Blowing Up Balloons (BUB) by Vanessa Proctor and Gregory Piko.

Lyn’s poetry, stories and haiku have been widely published. Many people will recall Lyn’s work as an associate editor for the highly regarded literary journal, Famous Reporter. Her collection Designs on the Body, published by Interactive Press, won the IP Picks Best Poetry for 201o.

You can read Lyn’s full review of BUB on the Australian Haiku Society website. In part, Lyn says:

Blowing up Balloons is, according to its subtitle, intended for parents. In fact, it deserves a wider audience, being the work of two highly proficient and much-acclaimed poets. Those new to writing haiku can learn a lot from studying the way these poems are crafted to achieve impact, creating worlds of meaning with minimum words. It is an elegantly presented collection, easy to hold and to read, with bright primary colours on the cover and delicate, whimsical abstracts of balloons interspersed throughout.