New Anthology from Yass Valley Writers

Yass Valley Writers have recently released a new collection of their work, Voices from the Valley: an anthology of stories and verse, Vol. III. Members of the writing group, which has been running for 20 years, are drawn from Yass (New South Wales) and surrounding towns.


The current anthology features a wonderful range of stories and poems by 16 writers, with original artwork by Katherine Cameron. Readers will find humour, sadness and joy as they sample the haiku, tanka, sonnets, free verse, short stories, essays and other writing forms that depict life in the local area and further afield.

You can drop me an email from the Contact page if you would like to obtain a copy, but here are some samples from the collection:

An extract from Spring Gift by Glenys Ferguson

Two long hours pass before the calf’s front legs are gradually thrust forward through the opening and, shortly after, the calf slides smoothly onto the grass, its slippery covering glistening in the sun. The cow lifts her herself onto her feet and immediately starts to lick the membranes, freeing first the calf’s head and then the rest of the little body which responds to the strong movement of its mother’s tongue.

into the light
without fuss
another life

Possum by Julie Meddows

He arrives each night
To inspect
A lunch box
Wedged between two branches
Of a very large tree
Peach pips
Cover the earth
At the base
But he much prefers bananas
Sometimes apples and pears

An extract from The Suit by Jay Sargent

She turned sadly toward the wardrobe and lifted down the suit to feel its warmth and softness against her face. She hugged it close to her and circled, remembering the dances when they moved as one around the floor. Tears appeared in her eyes and fell gently down her cheeks. She lay the suit on the bed as she had done every night since Jack had been in the hospice. Her comfort now he was not beside her.

An extract from Fog by Jane Baker

Swelling and expanding,
it rears to swallow the stars
and extinguish the moon
until there is no east or west,
height or depth, just an
all-encompassing absence
of the cornered world ‒

a cold, white theft of substance
that terrifies with the solid weight
of its nothingness.

The members of Yass Valley Writers regularly enjoy the warmth of each other’s company and the satisfaction of sharing their writing in a supportive atmosphere. I’m sure you’ll find writing of interest in this collection.