NeverEnding Story: bilingual English-Chinese Haiku

Poet and essayist, Chen-ou Liu, runs a bilingual English-Chinese haiku and tanka blog titled NeverEnding Story. You can find his blog here.

Born in Taiwan, Chen-ou migrated to Canada and now lives in Toronto. Hence, his interest in translating English-language haiku and tanka into Chinese and sharing them via his blog. Chen-ou certainly keeps his site fresh, with new bilingual posts daily.

Last month (on 8 January 2019) the NeverEnding Story featured the following haiku of mine:


her grandson’s lips

just a little like hers

Chinese whispers


This was the second time NeverEnding Story published one of my haiku. The previous occasion was on 13 July 2018, and this was the haiku:


a crow at dusk ‒

ink sinks deeper

into the page


You can read these two posts here.

In each case, the English version of the poem is accompanied by a translation in Traditional Chinese and another translation in Simplified Chinese.

NeverEnding Story presents Chinese translations of many English-language haiku and tanka by poets from around the world. I’m sure all those who read Chinese and/or English will enjoy visiting this bilingual haiku and tanka site from time to time.