Creatrix #48

Creatrix is an online poetry journal run by West Australian Poets Inc. (WA Poets). Each quarter, Creatrix publishes haiku and longer poems in two separate volumes. Three of my haiku, including this one, appeared in the most recent issue, Creatrix #48:


summer’s end

I take another plum

from the fridge


For me, this haiku was reminiscent of the poem, This Is Just To Say, by William Carlos Williams in which he apologises for having taken some plums from the icebox. You can read his poem here.

The editors also included the following longer poem of mine in Creatrix #48:


Winter Sun

the winter sun
close to the horizon
like an old railway
offering light
without heat

            sparkling on a
            grey wrought iron
            gently lancing
            newborn crystals
            of ice

slowly losing
their appetite for angles
dissolving like
in the distance
on a summer afternoon


The WA Poets website maintains an archive of Creatrix poetry stretching back to Issue #1 from June 2008. The poems are clearly set out and easily accessed by hovering over the Creatrix tab. Creatrix provides a wealth of poetry, mostly by Australian writers, for your enjoyment.