The Haiku Foundation: Per Diem

The Haiku Foundation (THF), based in the US State of Virginia, archives a treasure trove of English-language haiku and seeks active exchange with other haiku languages and cultures around the world.

A new Per Diem poem appears every day at the top right corner of The Haiku Foundation Home page. Each poem is part of a monthly, themed collection created by a guest editor.

The Foundation kindly asked me to be guest editor for the month of June 2020. The theme I have chosen is Sunset and so a new haiku will appear each day addressing this theme. The Per Diem haiku in June will feature poets from Australia as well as a range of other countries.

I have written a short introduction to the collection which will also appear on The Haiku Foundation Home page for a couple of days from 1 June.

At the end of the month, all the haiku will be archived here. If you take a look through the Per Diem archive you can enjoy hundreds of haiku that have been featured in this way over the past 8 to 10 years.

The Per Diem haiku will also be added to THF Haiku, the app for iPhone and iPad. The app is free to download from Apple and provides ready access to English-language haiku from around the world. Perfect for accessing great haiku while you’re on the move.

Please keep an eye on The Haiku Foundation Home page during June and enjoy my selection of haiku on the theme of Sunset. All the haiku appearing will be by other poets, not myself. But just to provide you with a taste of some Sunset haiku, here are two of my own:


louder than a crow

calling at dusk

the temple bell



the many colours

of sunset


If you have an Apple device, please also take a look at the THF Haiku app for iPhone and iPad.