Lyn Reeves: field of stars

field of stars (Walleah Press, 2019) is the latest collection by Tasmanian poet, Lyn Reeves. Lyn is currently Vice-President of the Australian Haiku Society, co-editor of Echidna Tracks: Australian Haiku and founder and convener of the Watersmeet haiku group.











It is often said about poetry in general, and haiku in particular, that a good poet enables the reader to see everyday events in new and insightful ways. Reading field of stars makes the world new again.



the rock face

evening shadows


Lyn excels at recognising the magic of the moment, and then crafting just enough words for the reader to experience that magic for themselves. In field of stars, we often get to experience sights and sounds associated with the natural world:


how quietly sunlight trembles through the bamboo grove


      distant thunder

silently over the ocean



While at other times, we experience the way people (or their objects) interact with nature:


on the lawn

four striped deck chairs

taking the sun


soft rain

beneath the white umbrella

her long black hair


There is something gentle about these poems yet there is also a depth that causes the poems to remain with you. And makes you want to visit them again.


winter creek

a rumour

of platypus


hollow eucalypt the forest quiet fills it


As you read field of stars, you are drawn into its spell and find yourself not wanting to leave. But when you do put the book down, you’re suddenly more alert to situations and events, more sensitised to the beauty and subtle character of the world around.

If you want your world to be new and enchanting, then get a copy of field of stars. Lyn’s latest book, field of stars, is available from Walleah Press and can be purchased here.