Haiku Foundation Per Diem: October 2020

Every day, The Haiku Foundation Home page features a different haiku at its top right hand corner. The poems for the October 2020 Per Diem were selected by Tasmanian poet, Lyn Reeves, and addressed the theme of ‘Sky’. As Lyn said in her introduction to the Sky haiku:

“Constantly present and constantly changing, sky accompanies us throughout our lives, but this expanse that continually swirls around us often goes unnoticed, its variations and vagaries unobserved. In this month’s selection of haiku you will find glimpses of the many ways the poets represented have recorded their sense of connection with this overarching element.”

Here are some of the poems that appeared during October:

all of the sky
back in the sky
dry dam

(Jan Dobb)

brahminy kite
. . . as if tethered
to a boy

(Quendryth Young)

office tower
a hawk’s image slides
over glass

(Gregory Piko)

over the ridge
ten thousand years ago
this same moon

(Simon Hanson)

The sky itself. Things you see in the sky. Sunshine, rain, the sky at night and in the day. The way the sky makes you feel, things you think about when you gaze up at the sky. All of these, and more, made an appearance in the haiku selected by Lyn Reeves for the October 2020 Per Diem.

The full collection of poems is archived here. Please visit the Per Diem archive for October 2020 and connect with all 31 Sky haiku.

Per Diem Archive: June 2020

A new Per Diem poem appears every day at the top right corner of The Haiku Foundation Home page. Each poem is part of a monthly, themed collection created by a guest editor. As I noted in an earlier post (which can be found here), The Haiku Foundation kindly asked me to be guest editor…