breaking my journey

What better way to begin 2021 than with the release of my new book of haiku!

This collection, titled breaking my journey, is published by Jim Kacian from Red Moon Press in the USA. Jim is a tireless supporter of haiku writers around the globe and I’m thrilled with the way the book has come together.

My sincere thanks also to Ron C. Moss from Tasmania, Australia, for his wonderful cover design. Ron has an international reputation as a poet, artist and designer. The high quality of his work shows through with this design which sets the tone beautifully for the poems that follow.

Award-winning Australian poet, Beverley George, says of breaking my journey: ‘Every haiku in this collection resonates, rings true. Gregory Piko’s sustained and sensitive engagement with the haiku genre underpins this outstanding book’.

While award-winning poet from the USA, Billie Wilson, says: ‘A fresh and refreshing collection that privileges the reader with haiku from Gregory Piko’s keen eye and inspired pen’.

I trust you’ll enjoy the poems in this collection which can be purchased here, using PayPal. While for readers in North America, you may wish to purchase breaking my journey directly from Red Moon Press.

Here are some poems from breaking my journey . . .

monochrome morning
currawongs busy themselves
in the drifting fog

her cotton skirt
falls softly to the ground
steady rain

snow melt
the neck of a swan
from the mountains

I risk showing
a little more of myself
hibiscus bud