breaking my journey: out and about

I’ve been out and about showcasing my new book of haiku, breaking my journey. In February, I read at the Manning Clark House Poetry Book Fair while, in March, I read at the Brush With Poetry afternoon in Binalong, New South Wales. Both were very enjoyable events.

The Poetry Book Fair was held at Smith’s Alternative in Canberra and featured around a dozen poets reading from books they had published during calendar year 2020.

Brush With Poetry was held, as usual, in the former glass artist’s studio associated with the Café On Queen. I was able to share two readings from breaking my journey during the course of the afternoon.

Former glass artist’s studio at Café on Queen, Binalong.

Haiku evolved as nature poems, generally with the inclusion of a seasonal reference. Many of the haiku in my collection follow this traditional format, though it’s also quite common for me to write about love and relationships. Here are some examples from the book:

white petals
she doesn’t notice
my flaws

a rainy night
you can smell

the pear is soft, but
not too soft
your nails in my skin

he drops his marshmallow
into her hot chocolate
pregnant at last

You can purchase copies of breaking my journey by Gregory Piko here. Or, if you live in North America, you may wish to purchase the book directly from the publisher, Red Moon Press.

Cynthia Rowe Reviews breaking my journey

Award-winning Australian author, Cynthia Rowe, has written a review of my latest book, breaking my journey. The review was published a few weeks ago on the website of the Australian Haiku Society. Cynthia’s literary CV includes poetry, short stories and several novels. You can find details of Cynthia’s books and awards on her personal website.…