Authora Australis: Issue 3

The online journal, Authora Australis, evolved from the Sydney-based Authora Australis Writing Group run by Roger Patulny. The journal presents poetry, short fiction and artwork from Australia and around the world.

The journal’s editors, Roger Patulny, Carlo Caponecchia and Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad recently released Issue 3 of Authora Australis. Each issue is themed, with the current issue addressing the theme of ‘Flight’.

While the poems and short stories deal with self-contemplation, personal relationships and the enjoyment of nature, they do so with reference to a satellite, an ill-fated human attempt at flight, feathered flight and more.

Thanks to the editors for including a poem of mine which is clearly on theme as it is simply titled ‘Birds’. These are the first two stanzas:






like the segments


or the panels of a football

their markings

of a stained glass




flying high

a banquet


they all turn

of celebratory


by a change





in the wind

The formatting of the lines above (with the text presented in three columns) should appear correct when viewed on a PC or laptop, however the layout may not be correct when viewed on smaller devices. You can see the entire poem, with the correct formatting, here.

The first two issues of Authora Australis dealt with ‘Empty Spaces’ and ‘Red’. So keep an eye on the Authora Australis website to discover the theme for Issue 4.