Ron C. Moss: Haiku and Art

Ron C. Moss is a renowned Australian poet and artist. His interest in Asian philosophy has led him to write award-winning haiku and pursue a variety of art forms including sumi-e (ink paintings) and Zenga (Zen inspired painting). Ron also produces abstract watercolour, photography and digital art.

Many examples of Ron’s haiku and art are available on YouTube, often in the form of video haiga which combine haiku with images and music. Ron’s video haiga from 2018 titled A Brush Dipped in Moonlight pairs each haiku with a white image on a black background. A couple of Ron’s haiku from this video are:

high country storm
flocks of sheep huddle
against the fenceline

painted moon
the glow of lightning
on the inkstone

In sumi-e, the artist grinds dry ink onto an inkstone and adds a small amount of water to obtain the desired concentration. With this haiku, one can picture the artist working at night as the black ink glows briefly under a flash of lightning.

Ron’s haiku and art, enhanced with music by Steve Hodge, create a haunting effect. Here is the link to the full video:

The 2020 video haiga titled Imperfections is an absolute favourite of mine. This piece combines stunning Tasmanian wilderness photography by Martin Hawes with haiku by Ron, and Japanese translations by Yoji Hashimoto. Both Martin and Ron live in the Australian State of Tasmania which offers some of the last expanses of temperate rainforest wilderness in the world. A couple of Ron’s haiku:

the earth bends
into itself

lifeless moth
on a sudden breeze
. . . flutters

There is magic in the photos. There is magic in the haiku. But Ron’s poems do not merely describe the images. The link between each poem and photo is more subtle than that. Triggering associations that ripple through the mind, taking the reader to other places and times. Please enjoy Imperfections:

Ron C. Moss has a range of Asian poetry and art skills which come together in his many delightful haiga. You can view more of Ron’s video haiga by clicking this link to the Ron C. Moss YouTube playlist.

Finally, if you would like to see another aspect of Ron’s creative flair, you only need to view the lovely cover design Ron produced for my most recent collection of haiku, breaking my journey.