Monji Tea Haiku: Special Offer

For several years, delightful teabags featuring haiku by Vanessa Proctor and myself have been available from Monji Tea (located on the Gold Coast, Australia).

Tanya from Monji Tea has now expanded her product range and rebranded her business as the Inspirational Tea Co. You can see from Tanya’s website that her range now includes tea, cookies, mugs, teapots, tea towels and much more.

To celebrate, Tanya has kindly provided a special offer for all readers of this site. Simply go to the Inspirational Tea Co. website and enter the following discount code to receive 15 per cent off the price of all Inspirational Tea Co. items:


And the original range of Monji Tea products are still available.

There are Monji Tea gift packs on the theme of Love featuring haiku by Vanessa Proctor and myself. These packs include 10 pyramid teabags containing your choice of either the highest quality organic English breakfast tea, or peppermint tisane. And on the tag of each teabag is a haiku by Vanessa or myself.

let’s fall in love
once a year

waking late
only your perfume
on the pillow

The New Parent gift pack is perfect for mothers of all ages. The tea bags feature haiku from the book Blowing Up Balloons: baby poems for parents by Vanessa Proctor and myself.

after the feed
the imprint of your tiny ear
on my arm

summer afternoon
baby and I discover
the beauty of leaves

These Monji Tea products are available from the Inspirational Tea Co. website. Shipping is available throughout Australia and to New Zealand, India, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

So please check out all the Monji Tea gift ideas and get in touch with Tanya at the Inspirational Tea Co. to place your order.

If you wish to purchase a copy of the book, Blowing Up Balloons: baby poems of parents, you can do so here.