Meniscus: Volume 9, Issue 2

Meniscus is an online literary journal published by the Australasian Association of Writing Programs (AAWP). The Association provides a forum for those interested in the teaching of creative and professional writing.

Each issue of Meniscus offers a selection of poetry, flash fiction and short stories. Volume 9, Issue 2 of Meniscus was released in late 2021. You can read it here. The following poem of mine appeared in this issue:

Dark Side of the Tree

The dark side of the tree, with its appaloosa mottle,
bogong stipple. Its creamy ochre and rust landscape
interrupted by unexplored canyons of damp.
The lower reaches covered in ramshackle layers
of shredded cardboard, arcing away from the trunk

like crepe paper streamers, posters flaking from a wall,
the softly drooping sides of a freshly peeled banana.
Unidentified fungal spores. Pupae navigating some obscure
stage of life cloaked in cotton pillowcases. Six-legged
armoured vehicles huddled together, out of harm’s way.

Out of the path of that sticky stream of sap, shining
cordon of molasses, that treacherous trickle of Tarzan’s Grip.
A deadly habitat where a bird can cling effortlessly to the bark
with its burr-pronged claws, as compelling as Velcro feet,
while its killing beak searches out high protein life forms.

A place perpetually without sunlight or warmth, or pity. An
inhospitable place, where no human has ever set foot.

Meniscus is published twice every year, so look out for the next issue. Meniscus is always a good read.