English-Language Haiku Competitions

In recent months, one of my haiku received an Honourable Mention in a Croatian haiku competition while another received an Honourable Mention in an Irish contest.

With a number of countries now running competitions for haiku written in English, I thought it might be helpful to provide links to various of these competition websites. Please see the list below.

My haiku from the 2021 Little Iris Haiku Contest (Croatia) was:

pastel sunrise
the soft cover
of this book

While my haiku from the 2021 Irish Haiku Society Competition was:

brewing tea
night and day
become one

The list below excludes haiku competitions from Japan, as I’ve provided links to several of these competitions in an earlier post. You can see my post on Japanese haiku competitions here.

While the following list is quite extensive, I don’t claim that it’s fully comprehensive. From year to year, a new competition might commence, while an existing competition might cease to operate. So, please always check the current timeframes and submission guidelines with the competition’s own website before submitting any entries.

This list does, nevertheless, provide access to many of the best known English-language haiku competitions around the world. The list is presented alphabetically by location and contest name. Best of luck with any entries you might submit.

Australia: Creatrix Haiku Prize

Australia: John Bird Dreaming Award

Bulgaria: Maya Lyubenova International Haiku Contest

Canada: The Betty Drevniok Award

Canada: Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival: Haiku Invitational

Croatia: Little Iris Haiku Contest

Ireland: Irish Haiku Society International Haiku Competition

New Zealand (Open and Junior categories): New Zealand Poetry Society International Haiku Competition

Poland: Polish International Haiku Competition

Romania: Sharpening the Green Pencil International Haiku Contest

UK: British Haiku Society Awards

UK: Martin Lucas Haiku Award

USA: Autumn Moon Haiku Contest

USA: Francine Porad Award

USA: Golden Haiku Poetry Contest

USA (Open and Junior categories): Haiku Society of America Haiku and Senryu Awards

USA: Kaji Aso Studio Haiku Contest

USA: Peggy Willis Lyles Haiku Award

USA: Robert Spiess Memorial Haiku Awards

USA: The Haiku Foundation Touchstone Awards

Links to haiku competitions in Japan can be found here.

Haiku Competitions in Japan

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How To Write Haiku

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