A big day at the Sydney launch of BUB

Thank you to everyone who turned out last Saturday for the Sydney launch of Blowing Up Balloons. A great crowd filled the room at The Children’s Bookshop where owner, Paul Macdonald, provided drinks and welcomed guests.

Shannon Dearing recalled the challenges and joys she and Vanessa shared with the others in their mothers’ group when their children were small, finding many of these moments had made their way into the book. After officially launching Blowing Up Balloons, Shannon suggested their children’s teen years would provide plenty more haiku moments that could fill another volume.

Vanessa and myself gave people an idea of how the book came to fruition and, given the pages do not identify the author of individual poems, we even provided a few clues as to which haiku were written by each of us.

Before Vanessa and myself went downstairs to sign books, Tanya from Monji Tea provided guests with tea from her collection. Monji Tea offers gift packs of pyramid teabags with inspirational tags, and Tanya even provided take away samples for guests using our haiku on the tag.


The Children’s Bookshop, Beecroft


Shannon Dearing launches BUB


Vanessa Proctor


Gregory Piko


Monji Tea with haiku tag


Vanessa signing
Vanessa signs books


Gregory Piko Signing
Gregory signs books