Frameless Sky: Issue 11

Christine Villa has completed Issue 11 of her video journal, Frameless Sky. The current edition runs over 25 minutes and offers a mix of music, visual art and Japanese short-form poetry.

In this case, the music is by Kevin MacLeod and the artwork is by Tiffany Shaw-Diaz and Jessica Malone Latham. You can purchase a copy of the full DVD here.

In the meantime, you can watch a sneak preview of Frameless Sky, Issue 11, on YouTube at this link. The preview runs for more than eight minutes. Here are a couple of haiku from Frameless Sky:

spring breeze . . .
the fragrance
of a passing stranger

(Dawn Bruce)

currawong calls
the deepening blue of night

(Gavin Austin)

Each Issue of Frameless Sky has a magical, hypnotic effect as the focus of your consciousness slips from the sounds, to the visual impact, to the written words. In many cases, a poem is deliberately paired with a piece of artwork. This practice of combining an image with a haiku is referred to as haiga.

In each issue, contributors are encouraged to submit a photo or artwork to accompany a specific poem.  For Issue 11, a photo of mine was selected to appear in a collaborative work with a poem by Debbie Strange from Canada. You can read more of Debbie’s writing by heading over to her blog. This was my photo that appeared in Frameless Sky:



You can see the photo, together with Debbie’s poem about her communion with the redwood trees, here on Frameless Sky.

Furthermore, a haiku of mine was selected to partner a painted image by Jessica Malone Latham. This was my poem, but I’ll let you buy the full DVD if you want to see Jessica’s artwork:

white sky bees buzz the delphinium

Christine’s Frameless Sky series is great fun. You can follow the progress of future issues, or order copies of her DVDs, on the Frameless Sky website.