Windfall: Issue 8

The new issue of Windfall is now available. Issue 8, published in early 2020, provides a wonderful selection of haiku relevant to the experience of urban and rural life in Australia.

Edited by Beverley George, and published by Peter Macrow from Blue Giraffe Press, Windfall accepts submissions in July each year with the print publication appearing the following January. Further details on submissions and subscriptions can be found here.


Though these poems were written before the recent bushfires in Australia, several of the haiku depict images that make us recall the loss of life, homes, wildlife and habitat caused by fire:

in a charcoal landscape
this black snake

(Helen Taylor)

Other haiku in the collection depict unmistakably Australian scenes, such as this one about a busker using an iconic Akubra felt hat at the annual Tamworth country music festival:

Tamworth festival
an Akubra
catches coins

(Glenys Ferguson)

Or this delightful haiku about the changing nature of our country:

childhood town
the fattening paddock
full of houses

(Quendryth Young)

If you enjoy Australian haiku, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the new issue of Windfall.