Debbie Strange: Fade to Black

Canadian writer, Debbie Strange, weaves her love of poetry, music, art and photography into a range of creative pursuits. Debbie’s haiku, tanka, haibun and haiga have been widely published and received many awards.

Haiga is the centuries-old Japanese art form that combines an illustration with a haiku. The emotional impact of such a piece is heightened when the haiku does not merely describe the image but, rather, leaves space for the reader to respond in their own way. Where the association between the words and image is merely the starting point for a person’s individual experience of the art and poetry.

Debbie’s recent video haiga, Fade to Black, presents a series of photographic images, each one linked with a haiku. Here are some haiku from the collection:

blistered paint
the boat we named
for you

changing seasons
mother recalls the arc
of her life

polar night
a snowy owl
fades to black

Fade to Black, brings together a range of Debbie’s artistic skills. Combining Debbie’s haiku, black and white photographs and musical soundtrack to create a strong unifying theme. In addition, Debbie recites the relevant haiku as each image appears. This video is a wonderful showcase of Debbie’s skills.

Fade to Black was released as part of the 2022 HaikuLife Film Festival initiated by The Haiku Foundation. You can find the full collection of HaikuLife videos here.

To see more of Debbie’s writing and art, please visit her website: Warp and Weft: Images and Words.

As you watch Fade to Black, you are drawn into a world of delicate insight. A world which increases awareness and acceptance of the passage of time. But does so without regret or sadness. Click on the video below to enjoy Fade to Black.

Ron C. Moss: Haiku and Art

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