English-Language Haiku Journals

The popularity of the short poetic form, haiku, has grown significantly in recent decades. Originating in Japan, haiku are now written in many languages around the world. As a result, haiku are available in a large number of print and online journals. Links to many of the English-language haiku journals are provided below.

People are often aware of haiku as a fun construct of 5-7-5 syllables. However, literary haiku, which build on centuries of Japanese tradition, are somewhat more complex. Indeed, these haiku are rarely written in a 5-7-5 format. By way of example, here are some haiku of mine that have appeared in recent issues of haiku journals:

a drone flies
over mars

(Echidna Tracks, Issue 8, 2022)

ebb tide
in the setting sun

(Autumn Moon, Vol 5.1, 2021)

shoalhaven river running by your side

(Presence, #72, 2022)

the sparrow
on the pavement

(Frogpond, Vol. 45.2, 2022)

From time to time, haiku appear in the mainstream poetry journals. However, many readers of haiku favour publications that have a particular focus on haiku and other Japanese forms of short poetry. A large number of publications have emerged to serve this interest.

The list below provides links to many of the more prominent journals although, as is the case with many literary publications, titles come and go from year to year. I therefore make no claim that the list is complete.

The publications listed below all have a particular emphasis on haiku. Depending on editorial policy, they may also publish, haiku sequences, linked verse, tanka, haiga and/or haibun. Editorial policies can also vary widely as to the style of poems published.

Some of the journals are available in print only, while others are available online. Some journals offer a combination of print and online publication.


Akitsu Quarterly

Autumn Moon

Blithe Spirit

Bottle Rockets




Echidna Tracks

Failed Haiku


first frost

Frameless Sky





Kokako (for details, please email: kokakonz@gmail.com)


Mainichi Daily News

Modern Haiku


Prune Juice


Sonic Boom

The Heron’s Nest

The Mamba – was in hiatus in 2022, but is expected to return in 2023


Under the Bashō

Wales Haiku Journal


World Haiku Review

English-Language Haiku Competitions

In recent months, one of my haiku received an Honourable Mention in a Croatian haiku competition while another received an Honourable Mention in an Irish contest. With a number of countries now running competitions for haiku written in English, I thought it might be helpful to provide links to various of these competition websites. Please…

How To Write Haiku

Haiku are marvellous little poems. Originating in Japan, and now enjoyed around the world, haiku provide moments of insight that surprise and delight. People often ask how they can learn to write haiku. How they can grasp the principles that have underpinned the development of haiku in Japan for hundreds of years. Fortunately, there are…